Why stay with a Members Health Fund?

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Why stay with a Members Health fund?

Does more back in benefits sound good?* 

Members Health Fund Alliance is a group that represents not-for-profit, member-owned and community-based health funds like Peoplecare.

Many people ask Peoplecare, if you are a not-for-profit health fund, where does the money go?

Well, now you can see for yourself in the graph below.

Private health insurer premium revenue breakdown

What does the graph say?

Members of funds like Peoplecare get a higher percentage back in benefits compared to the big for-profit funds.

Members Health funds:

  • Deliver 87% back to members in benefits 

The big 3 for-profit funds

  • Deliver 84% back to members in benefits

The difference?

  • Members Health funds deliver 3 percentage points more back to members in benefits


We know it doesn’t sound like much, but low surpluses, using more of your premiums to give back fantastic benefits and cracking customer service is why we think members like you value the Members Health fund difference at Peoplecare.

Speaking of service, need an answer? Call and we answer. In person. 

We really care (the hint is in our name), so we always take the time to understand your needs, give you the right advice, and help you navigate your health cover – when you need it most.

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*Members Health Fund Alliance, 2019