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Statement Regarding Earle Haven & People Care Pty Ltd

You may have heard the recent news about the closure of Earle Haven Retirement Village on the Gold Coast. According to the reports, Earle Haven is owned by People Care Pty Ltd. That is a very similar name to our registered business name: Peoplecare Health Limited.

We’d like to confirm that Peoplecare is not affiliated, endorsed or associated with the company in any way.

If you have any concerns, please give us a buzz on 1800 808 690.



Get your health cover ‘appening. Get Larry.

Meet Larry, your personal Peoplecare whiz. We know the two of you’ll hit it off! 

Because Larry understands you want to spend as little time as possible doing the boring stuff, he takes the most popular features from our Online Member Services and bins the rest to save you time and hassle.

So when it comes to claiming, you can forget about filling in a form and sending through all the paperwork – simply take a photo of your receipt, open Larry and voilà! Your claim is on its way to us in record time. 

How easy is that? You’ll be as appy as Larry!

He’s also got you covered by helping you: 

  • Track your claims
  • Check your benefits and limits
  • See all your payment deets
  • Update your contact info
  • Provide you with some super useful health info

We hope you APProve.

Be sure to let Larry know by sending him an email at with your feedback or suggestions. No doubt he’ll be back to you in a flash to personally say thanks. 

Download Larry now on the iTunes App Store or Google Play store

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Love an APPdate

Click one of the two app stores above to update to the latest version of Larry.

We’ve listened to your feedback and here’s what’s new:

  • Easier claiming. One click to photo claim.
  • Password paste. Copy and paste your password into the login to save time.

So now we’ve made these changes for you, why not give Larry another review?

Review on the App Store or Google Play.

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We're stoked to be a Members Own Health Fund

Whenever you see the Members Own symbol next to a health fund logo, you're looking at an insurer that exists to deliver the best possible service and benefits to you — the member.

Members Own Health Funds is group of not-for-profit and mutual health funds that share the same approach of putting members' needs ahead of profits.

Members Own wants to get the message out that there’s an alternative to the big, profit-driven health funds. More than 2.6 million Aussies agree and it’s easy to understand why.
With a Members Own Health Fund you should expect more. Much more.

Members Own funds put their members first: instead of operating their business around how they can profit from you, they are thinking about how they can help you, now and for generations to come.
The Members Own funds are committed to returning more to members – providing more appropriate products, better service and returning more of your premium dollar back to you in benefits.
Members Own funds provide private health insurance with a heart. Unlike some funds they’re not distracted by the demands of corporate shareholders or overseas owners… to a Members Own fund you’re not a policy holder or a number, you’re a member.
Health funds that carry the Members Own symbol are thinking about you, working for you. Because what matters to them is you and your health. You’re a person, not a profit centre.