Employment process

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Steps to becoming a Peoplecarer

  1. Apply online
    Follow the link from the job and take the Career Fit questionnaire
  2. Application review
    We’ll look at your application and questionnaire answers and see if they fit the job. If we like what we see we’ll call and arrange an interview. Sometimes we might have a short phone interview before asking you to come in for a formal interview.

    Whether you get an interview or not, we’ll let you know what’s happening. You took the time to apply, so it’s only fair that we let you know how your application went. And if you don’t get an interview, don’t worry! We keep everyone’s details on-hand in case another position pops up (but don’t let that stop you applying again if you find the perfect role).
  3. Interviews
    The dreaded interview! Depending on the position you’ve applied for, you’ll either have a group or panel interview. Group interviews are with 4 – 8 people, and we get to know you better with two written assessments. If you’re top of the class in the group interview you’ll go on to have a panel interview (which is an interview with just you and 2-3 of our Peoplecarers).
  4. Some more tests
    If you’re picked after the interviews, you’ll visit our external consultant and take an aptitude test. Here we’ll be looking at your non-verbal intelligence (IQ), general clerical skills and maths skills.
  5. Reference checks
    Before we make our decision, we like to get to know you a little better by calling some of your referees.
  6. Police checks
    If your references are spot on, we’ll ask you to complete a Police Check via Fit2Work prior to commencing with Peoplecare.
  7. Official offer
    You got the job! Yay! We’ll call you to give you the good news and tell you a bit more about working at Peoplecare.
  8. Welcome pack
    Once you take the job, we’ll send you a welcome pack which has:
    • your official letter of offer
    • your position description
    • personal information form
    • Fair Work information statement
    • info about your Super
    • tax declaration form
    • code of conduct statement
    • new employee survey
    • info on some of your fellow Peoplecarers and their roles
    • info about our rewards and benefits
  9. You’re now a Peoplecarer!

Welcome to the family! Your induction and training will start ASAP.

Potential Peoplecarer FAQs

Can I develop my career at Peoplecare?

You sure can. We’re a growing business, so there are a few ways you can develop yourself & your career with us. We’ve got a future leaders program, ongoing training, a tertiary assistance scheme and more.

Do I need any specific certifications to become a Peoplecarer?

Not if you’re working from our main office, but to work at Peoplecare Eyes & Teeth you’ll need to have a Working With Children check, current first aid certificate and be up-to-date with your immunisations.

Do you provide training?

Yep. Our induction and training program is between 2 & 4 weeks, depending on your role. After that, you’ll have a mentor to help you on your way. But Peoplecarers never stop learning, so we’ve got a team of dedicated trainers to keep you up-to-date all through your Peoplecaring career.

How are Peoplecarers recognised & rewarded?

We give our Peoplecarers lots of little rewards for their excellent work – things like gift vouchers, movie tickets and team lunches & dinners. We also offer salary package options, rewards for going above & beyond and we celebrate our Peoplecarers’ anniversaries.

How often are Peoplecarers paid?

Peoplecarers are paid fortnightly.

Is there a uniform?

Yes there is, and we hope you like purple and orange! Peoplecarers get polos and a jacket, you just bring the bottom half (in charcoal or black).

Is there anywhere for me to buy lunch or a coffee nearby?

Our office is right near the centre of town, so there are plenty of lunch & coffee options. Plus our kitchen is fully stocked with a coffee machine and snacks, so you can refuel whenever you need to! 

What are the hours?

The normal hours are 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday (with an hour for lunch), but we’re happy to look at other times if needed.

Where is the Peoplecare office?

We’re in sunny Wollongong, on the corner of Victoria & Young Streets. We also have a dental & optical centre (Peoplecare Eyes & Teeth) at 63 Market Street.