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Handy step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Larry when you're using an iPhone.

Make & track a claim


Click the ‘Claims’ tab on the bottom nav bar. The icon is a little piggy bank.

Here’s where you can click on previous claims to view more details. All your claims will be listed below the ‘Make a Claim’ button so you can easily track their progress.

To make a claim, click the ‘Make a claim’ button. From here you get two options:

  1. Upload photos from phone
  2. Take photos

Essentially this gives you the flexibility to either upload photos already saved on your phone or to take them within the app. And voilà! Your claim is on its way to us in record time.

Depending on what you choose you’ll need to give Peoplecare permission to access your library or camera. You can attach up to 10 photos at a time but just make sure that you keep the size to under 10MB so there are no hiccups when you hit send.

Update your contact details


First, you’ll need to get to your profile. Click the head on the top right of the screen to get there. You’ll then see the screen as shown here. To change your personal information click ‘Edit contact details’. 

Please remember it’s really handy for us to have your preferred contact number, especially for any free health services we connect you with. They’ll need to be able to get in touch to coach you through conditions and organise appointments.

Change your profile pic


Click your profile picture. From here you get two options:

  1. Upload photos from phone
  2. Take photos


Check your extras benefits & limits


Click the ‘Cover’ tab on the bottom nav menu to view your benefits, limits & cover details. The icon is an open book.

‘My benefits’ shows your extras cover benefits and limits. Click ‘See all benefits’ to expand the list.

If you only have hospital cover, nothing will appear in this section. For Mid and Premium Hospital freebies, go to Health Hub. There you’ll see a list of programs provided to our members at no extra cost.

Check your cover & see your payments


Scroll down the Cover page to the ‘My cover’ section. This takes you to your profile.

From here you can view your payment frequency, payment method, payment amount and when your next payment is due.

You can also view your member number and download your cover description. Just underneath you can see who’s on your policy in the ‘Who’s covered?’ section.

Keep in the know


At the top of the Health Hub home screen is where important member news and special offers slide across the top of the screen. If you ever get lost, click the ‘Health Hub’ tab at the top of the app to return home.

Learn more about your health cover freebies


In the Health Hub, scroll down past the health blog.

Strewth! Check out all those freebies included under Mid and Premium Hospital cover! And anyone is welcome to take our more comprehensive Health Risk Assessment as part of the Strive for Health program. If we were you we’d do some tapping. Nay, a tap dance.

To see your extras benefits and limits, click the Cover tab at the top of the app.

Contact us


Click the ‘More’ button at the bottom of the app and then click ‘Get in touch’ at the top of the More screen.

There are lots of ways to drop us a line but don’t be afraid to give us a buzz on 1800 808 690. We love a good chat! There are no electronic menu options to work your way through before finally speaking with someone. You’ll find a real person will answer and really quickly. Yep, we tell no lies.