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Stress Down Day at PeoplecarePressure pushing down on me, pressing down on you.

Need a dreamy Bowie & Queen collab to bring a few moments of catharsis to your stress-filled life? Here it is on YouTube.

Peoplecare can’t bring the late David Bowie and Freddie Mercury back, but it can do a far sight more about workplace stress. Which is why Peoplecare turns up the comfort for Lifeline’s Stress Down Day every year. Peoplecarers rocked up to work on Tuesday the 24th of July in their pyjamas (and a few bravely sported bed hair too) to reduce stress and shine a light on mental health.

Peoplecare ups its efforts every year to combat workplace stress and mental health issues in the workplace. Our Stress Down Day is just one of the reasons we’re a finalist in this year’s HR Awards ‘Best Health & Wellbeing Program’.

Feel left out of the action? If you missed out on Stress Down Day at your workplace, you can still get some great tips for coping with stress here.