We need white ribbons not white flags

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Domestic violence in Australia is disturbingly common. 

One woman dies a week in Australia at the hands of domestic violence, on average.* But how can we affect a problem that festers behind closed doors?


The link you weren’t expecting

The data shows that workplaces have a surprisingly large potential for responding to domestic violence. A full 48% of respondents who’d experienced domestic violence let their work supervisor know, while only 10% found that supervisor's contribution useful.^

It’s that paltry 10% of helpful advice from supervisors and managers we can work on in workplaces, as well as a few other behavioural standards too.


Challenge accepted

Peoplecare is now going through the 18-month White Ribbon accreditation program.

One of the things to measure in the program is how well staff understand what constitutes domestic violence against women. Plus, our managers will get that all important professional training on what to do if a staff member reports domestic violence.

Progress is the key. And that’s what the White Ribbon program is about. Think your organisation could get involved too? Here’s where to register your workplace.


*‘National Homicide Monitoring Program report’, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2017

^'National Domestic Violence and the Workplace Survey 2011', University of New South Wales