Ambulance cover

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Did you know that an ambulance ride could cost you thousands?

We paid a $24,000 air ambulance fare in 2018 with zero out-of-pocket expenses for our member.

Even routine ambulance trips are eye-wateringly pricey.  

Peoplecare ambulance cover is included free with any Peoplecare Combo, Hospital or Extras cover. 


What's covered:

Services included in our ambulance cover


What's not covered:

Services excluded from our ambulance cover


Ambulance services Peoplecare covers by State/Territory










How to claim an ambulance bill

Don’t pay it, just send it straight to us ASAP via Online Member Services or through our app Larry. 

We’ll then sort it out for you. We pay 100% of all eligible ambulance claims. 


Important: Private Health Funds do not cover additional debt recovery costs for late lodgements. You’ll have to pay those fees yourself.

That’s why it’s critical you send us your ambulance bills as soon as you receive them.


Need a hand?

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