How to Rate Freeze 2018

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Want to put this year's premium increase on ice? With Peoplecare you can. 

Existing members:

Pay in advance to lock in last year's rates for up to a year. Pay by: 

  • Credit card (or Visa and Mastercard debit): do it right now on Online Member Services using the login link at the top of the page before 31 March.
  • Direct debit: give us a buzz before 26 March and we can change your frequency to annual payments straight away.
  • BPay: make your payment before your bank's close of business on 29 March.

No one likes premium increases. Take action today.


New joiners:

Give us a buzz on 1800 808 700 to join and then pay over the phone.


What is Rate Freeze?

Rate Freeze (AKA rate protection) locks in last year's rates by paying in advance.

Why Rate Freeze?

Freezing your rates means you won't have to pay this year's rate increase for the length of time you prepay for. You can prepay for up to 12 months.

How does it work?

Any prepayment of your premium that hits the Peoplecare bank account before 1 April 2018 locks in the 2017 rate for the length of that payment.

One thing to check before your prepayment is that your nominated government rebate is up to date. Otherwise, your prepayment could be substantially more than necessary and we'll need to undergo a bit of a clunky refund process through the Australian Tax Office that isn't fun.

  • Credit and debit card: pay on Online Member Services before 31 March or over the phone on 1800 808 690 before 29 March. We're open Mon-Fri 8.30-17:00 AEDT 
  • Direct debit: contact us before 26 March and we can change your frequency to annual payments straight away
  • BPay: pay before your bank's close of business on 29 March


Do all private health insurers Rate Freeze?

The Department of Health's website says "most" insurers offer rate protection, while the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman website says only "some" do. One thing is for sure, Peoplecare does.

How long can I Rate Freeze for?

Up to 12 months. Booyakasha!

Keep in mind that the 12 months is calculated from the date of your prepayment, not the date you're paid up to now.

How to Rate Freeze online

Thanks for choosing to Rate Freeze on your credit card through Online Member Services by paying up to a year in advance before our 1 April rate increase. 

Step 1. Log in to Online Member Services using the login button at the top of the page

Step 2. Go to Details: Make a Payment

Step 3. Enter the day you'd like to pay to (or the amount you'd like to pay ahead). You can freeze your rates for up to a full year.

Step 5. You're done! Now when you navigate to My Payment Details you'll see when your next payment is due (the day after your 'Paid up to Date') and how you're currently set up to pay it (say, monthly). Paying in advance by credit card won't result in you double paying if you've set up for Direct Debit.


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