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Good news, we have special products for this mix of kids, but you'll need to give us a buzz on 1800 808 704 for a quote on one that matches your family's specific needs.

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*Price is for {[{ Scale.Name }]} cover in {[{ locate.AddressCode }]} and includes an Australian Government Rebate of 25.415% with a 0% Lifetime Health Cover Loading. Excesses, limits, restrictions, exclusions and waiting periods (including 12 months for pre-existing conditions) might apply.
Hospital Cover {[{ Tiers[tierIndex].Tier.Name }]}
Extras Cover {[{ Extras[extrasIndex].ExtraName }]}
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Why have Hospital Cover?
Less time waiting for treatment
Choose your own doctor
Access more healthcare options
Avoid painful full-cost private hospital bills
Save on tax if you earn over $90k for singles or $180k for families
Free health programs
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{[{tier.Tier.Name}]} -
{[{ tier.Tier.Description }]}
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What is covered:
{[{ Inclusion.FeatureName }]}
{[{ Inclusion.FeatureName }]}
What isn't covered:
{[{ Inclusion.FeatureName }]}
None, thanks
Why have Extras Cover?
Cover for the essentials like dentistry and optical
Keep your body functioning with physio, chiro and osteo
Bring back the Zen with remedial massage and acupuncture on higher levels of cover
Claim for pharmacy prescriptions above the PBS amount
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{[{ extra.ExtraName }]}
{[{ extra.Extra.Description }]}
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{[{ extra.price.NetAmount | filterPrice }]}
{[{ extra.Extra.AmbulancePercent }]}
{[{ extra.Extra.AmbulanceLimit }]}
Benefit percentage*
{[{ extra.Extra.BenefitPercent }]}
{[{ extra.Extra.BenefitLimit }]}
{[{ extra.Extra.InclusionNote}]}
What is covered:
Annual limit
{[{ Inclusion.FeatureName }]}
{[{ Inclusion.AnnumLimit }]}
** family limit applies
*** lifetime limit applies
**** per every 2 years
***** per every 5 years

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