The COACH Program

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Did you know one in five Australian adults suffer from cardiovascular disease? Crazy town!

With heart disease on the rise, we need to make an effort to look after our tickers. We’ve got a program that can help you do just that.* Hear that whistle – that’s your coach calling!

What’s the COACH Program?

It’s a proven health coaching program provided over the phone and by regular written communication. It’s run by our friends at NPS MedicineWise who’ve been helping Aussies be more in tune with their health via professional health education and reliable info for over 18 years. So, they know what they’re doing!

Who is this said COACH?

Don’t worry, it’s not the Commando from Biggest Loser! You’ll get a trained health coach who supports the care you get from your GP or other medical professional. Together you’ve got a solid team to help your heart condition from getting worse or even prevent it altogether. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Who will it help?

A lot of peeps, particularly those who need to look after their ticker a bit more! If you’ve got coronary heart disease (like heart attacks), had a stroke or suffer heart failure, this is for you. It’s also perfect for people at risk of cardiovascular disease, COPD or type 2 diabetes.

How does it work?

Once you’re paired up with your coach, they’ll work with you to reach your personal goals to tackle your condition. Together you’ll help reduce risk factors for heart disease through regular phone catch-ups over a six month period and important health info to keep you on track.

How will it help?

Guided by some of the top-dogs in heart health (like The National Heart Foundation of Australia and the Cardiac Society of Australia & New Zealand), The COACH Program will help you:

  • manage your medications
  • reach cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose level goals
  • reach and keep a healthy weight
  • up your daily activity level, even if it’s just a short brisk walk
  • quit smoking
  • find the right diet to manage your heart disease

Who’ll have access to my personal info?

All your treatment info is kept completely confidential by NPS MedicineWise. We won’t have access to any personal health info you give them, but if you’d like to read our Privacy Policy to make sure, click here.

Will it make my cover cost more?

Not at all. If you hold Mid^ or Premium Hospital cover, you’re fully covered and it won’t cost you a thing – it doesn’t affect your premium with us either!

Does this sound like you? If you feel you need to take a positive step forward and would benefit from The COACH Program, give us a buzz or shoot us an email. Better yet why not ask our friendly team of experts who are always super happy to help members.


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*You need to have Mid^ or Premium Hospital cover and already served your two month waiting period to use this program

^'Mid Hospital' cover is closed to new members.

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