A new way to save on our new hospital covers

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Looking for more ways to lower your premium?

Consider switching to a higher excess. From 1 April 2019, our new hospital covers are available in a $750 excess option, for a lower premium.

How does an excess work?

You can choose an excess to reduce your ongoing premium and the higher the excess, the less your premiums. You only pay the excess if you go to hospital.

With Peoplecare hospital covers:

  • Half the excess for day stays in hospital
  • No excess for kids under 21 on a family hospital cover if they go to hospital

The maximum excess per financial year is:

  • Single covers – the full excess amount (e.g. $750)
  • Couple and family covers – double the excess amount (e.g. $1500)


Sound good?

Call 1800 808 690 for a quote and to switch.