Does your type 2 diabetes need a wake-up call?

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Diabetes Dave imageWe hope you don’t leave your diagnosis as late as Dave. 

Who’s Dave? Dave is the poster boy (or more accurately, man) of Diabetes Australia’s 2018 National Diabetes Week.

“In April 2008 I was 39 years of age. I was driving home from work…and I lost the colour of my vision and it scared me to the point that I did a U-turn and went straight to the doctor,” says Dave in a Diabetes Australia video. 

Dave’s belated type 2 diabetes diagnosis was “dire”.

“I had three months [left to live] if I continued down the path that I was living my life,” Dave says now, 10 years on.

“I decided for my wife and kids that I was going to make a full comeback.”

There is a healthier life awaiting after type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Dave’s secret to recovery is pretty simple; walking, cycling and sticking to his diet.

If you’re having trouble converting your wake-up call to healthy action, our Strive for Health or Health Weight for Life programs could help you if you’re on one of our elligible hospital covers.* 

Learn more about type 2 diabetes here

*You need to have served your two-month waiting period to use this program. Only Bronze Hospital and Basic Hospital (Basic Plus) covers are inelligible. 


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